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Dining on Bone Marrow at Brasserie Pascal with 12-year-old food blogger Sydney Casillas

Whenever someone asks me to name my favorite OC restaurants, Brasserie Pascal in Newport Beach is always on my list. Chef Pascal Olhats has been a fixture on the local dining scene for more than two decades, and is renowned for his classic and fun twists on French cuisine.

When I learned that Sydney Casillas, the 12-year-old food blogger who accompanied me on a recent culinary adventure to Pelican Hill’s Coliseum Pool & Grill, had never dined at Brasserie Pascal, I suggested we make it our next dining destination.

A few weeks ago, Sydney and I paid Pascal a visit, accompanied by Sydney’s mother, Joy, and Sydney’s sister, Sophia. As luck would have it, Pascal was in the kitchen that night, so I knew we were in for a treat.

Here’s Sydney’s take on her first time to Brasserie Pascal:

“The first thing I noticed upon entering was how beautiful the inside of the restaurant was. It has pictures of France everywhere! We were seated right away, and we began to order. I ordered a children’s Caesar Salad that was very fresh… beyond amazing! It was crispy green romaine lettuce with shredded mozzarella cheese, topped with crispy croutons and a delightful Caesar dressing.

We also got to talk to chef/owner Pascal about his bone marrow entree. He sat at our table and made it for us…in front of us. So cool! He scooped out the marrow and mixed it together with onions, mustard and scallions, and served it to us on toast triangles.


I was very pleased with myself for trying it, and could not believe how good it was.


All the flavors were mixed perfectly–it was just awesome! We also had a special dessert made by Pascal himself that wasn’t on the menu. It was a raspberry soufflé with a decadent raspberry sauce on it. YUM!”

Because Sydney enjoyed the bone marrow so much I ordered escargot, which I admit is very adventurous for a 12-year-old’s palate, but then so is bone marrow. Sydney considered eating the escargot, but upon learning that escargot is French for snails, she changed her mind.

Escargot is admittedly an acquired taste–I was twice Sydney’s age before I sampled escargot. But considering my initiation into the world of bone marrow came just two years ago, bravo to Sydney for her sophisticated palate.


Fortunately, her mother is a fellow foodie so we enjoyed the escargot along with shrimp cassoulet and several entrees (chicken for me, fish for Joy, mac and cheese for Sophia).


As always, everything was prepared to perfection. And, knowing that Pascal enjoys wine (as does Joy), I brought along a bottle of Tobin James Bordeaux blend, which was a splendid match for our menu selections.

 Overall, Sydney dubbed the evening “a wonderful time.” I couldn’t agree more.

Thanks for reading!

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